21 August 2017

Meet the Archivist!

This week’s blog is with Anthony Hughes, expert archivist at North Yorkshire County Record Office. Anthony will reveal how to use local records and take an intriguing glance into Ripon's past when he visits Ripon Museums on Sat 26 August. What did you want to be as a child? AH: I loved drawing maps when I was…

01 August 2017

Behind the Scenes – with artist Pippa Hale

Find out what inspired artist Pippa Hale to create her thought provoking new commission which explores a Workhouse Lunch. Consumption is currently being screened in the inmates Dining Hall at the Workhouse Museum, Ripon in the Main Block which is now open for visitors. 50 volunteers helped to create Consumption, a filmed artwork, which is funded by Arts Council England. …

03 July 2017

Meet Martin Wills, the curator in charge of the Workhouse Museum’s exciting expansion.

Martin Wills is the curator in charge of the Workhouse Museum's exciting expansion plans. This new part of the original site, which housed the dining room and dormitories, will open up to visitors this summer. We asked Martin to explain what his plans are and what visitors will be able to see when the main building first…

15 June 2017

New Historic Police Project Underway

Exciting news! We have teamed up with the Bradford Police Museum and started a new project to develop our historic police collections. This Q&A with Project Curator, Esther Graham (EG), explains more about our plans… Q: What is the project about? EG: This project is designed to develop the historic police material held at both museums. We…

23 May 2017

Cooking up a Pauper’s Lunch

This week's Q&A is with Professional Chef Gaynor Eden who will be cooking up food history as she prepares to create an accurate representation of a Victorian pauper's meal in 1861 as part of a new artwork, Consumption by Pippa Hale. Using traditional ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques and working with a small team of…

16 May 2017

Curator Corner: the stories behind the objects

Find out more about some of the objects in our collection with curator Anthony Chadwick…who explains the history behind these... A group of 18th and 19th Century law books  These books were studied here in Ripon over three centuries. They remind us of the great antiquity of our common and statute law. Many matters had to be…

24 April 2017

Ten Essential Victorian Cycling Facts & Tips

With ‘Tour de Yorkshire’ fever mounting we have some handy Victorian tips for riding a Penny Farthing. Have a read then visit the Workhouse Museum this Saturday (29 April) to try riding one  – it’s not as easy as you may think! 1: The Penny Farthing was the first machine to be called a bicycle. It&rsquo…

05 April 2017

A week in the Life: Of a Museum Learning Manager

Discover more about a week in the life of a Museum Learning Manager, as Ripon Museums very lovely Carrie Philip shares her daily diary... Monday Start of another week. Planning day with the office Learning Team. Catch up with Katy, my assistant to see how the staffing for this week’s school and group visits is going. Looking…

20 March 2017

Urchins, Sprogs and Guttersnipes - The Facts!

Here are a few facts taken from our new displays which tell the tales of not so lucky children in Victorian Ripon… #1 An Urchin is a young boy or girl, especially poorly or raggedly dressed #2 A Sprog is a youngster, child, a baby, from the word ‘sprag’ meaning a slip or cutting from a plant #3 Guttersnipe,…

13 March 2017

A Volunteer’s Journey

Without the fantastic help of our volunteers we would find it very difficult to run our three museums. This week, Phil Hall, one of our volunteers shares his experiences of volunteering with us... "It’s now been a year since my wife and I agreed to start volunteering for Ripon Museums. We had never planned to volunteer we…

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