29 January 2017

Exciting opening events planned for 2017…

Our first blog of 2017 is by Museum Director James Etherington...

It seems like only a few days ago we were waving goodbye to our last visitors of the season at the Christmas event and here we are. Our volunteers are doing our spring cleaning (always optimistic that spring will start early), having the preseason meetings and ordering all the supplies we need for another exciting year at Ripon Museum Trust, role on 2017.

The museums will reopen on Sat 18 February just in time for half term, for which all three museums will be open from 10am to 4pm (Sat 18 Feb to Fri 24 Feb) Then from Sat 25 Feb onwards we are back to our normal opening hours of 11am – 4pm at the Workhouse Museum and 1pm – 4pm at the Courthouse and Prison and Police Museum. We are really delighted to have kept the prices to 2016 levels.

So what is new for this coming year? Well there are a few things that we will be announcing over the coming weeks, but we open the year with a bang:

Half term February Families children Ripon Museums
Over half term we have drop in  ‘Apples and Arsenic’ family activities planned. Each day, from Monday 20 to Friday 24 February, join us and have a go at baking, making concoctions, creating crafts, enjoying Punch and Judy shows, following fun trails and lots more… this is also chance to take a closer look at our historic Workhouse and garden, one of the best preserved in England…

Following a traditional recipe try your hand at Baking Bread, which was an important part of the daily diet in the Workhouse.

Concoct your own Smelling Salts, a popular cure for fainting in Victorian times then explore hidden corners of the Victorian Workhouse whilst following the Consumption Apple Trail.

Create apple themed crafts and have a giggle and sit down whilst enjoying the museum’s popular Victorian themed Punch and Judy show - fun for all ages! All activities are included in the price of your admission...

We are also really pleased to be launching our much enhanced programme for adults this year. Throughout the year we will be hosting talks and workshops from a variety of experts on subjects that link in to our museums and to the special events and exhibitions we will be running. The first two talks and workshops are:

From Workhouse to Mill: The skeletal evidence for pauper apprentices from North Yorkshire.
Dr. Rebecca Gowland, Senior Lecturer in Bioarchaeology, Durham University
Sat 18 February 2pm-3.30pm
Talk plus Workshop £5
Human skeletal remains provide a wealth of evidence about the lives of past people. Information about age-at-death, diet, place of origin, disease and occupation can all be gleaned. This talk will provide an overview of a recent study of skeletal remains excavated from Fewston, North Yorkshire, with a particular focus on the children. It will reveal the hardships faced by these youngest members of society during the industrialization of the 18th and 19th century.  Please email [email protected] or call 01765 690799 to book 

Dr Rebecca Gowland, Skeletal Archaeology Talk and Workshop

Bodies of Evidence
Prof. Tim Thompson, Professor of Forensic Anthropology, Teeside University
Sat 25 February 2pm-3.30pm
Talk plus Workshop £5
Forensic and crime scene scientists work in lots of different places and investigate lots of different types of crimes. But one think they all do is look at the human body. Understanding and solving crimes very often depends of finding and studying parts of the body - from tiny fragments of skin cells to whole bodies. This talk will look at the different ways the body can be studied and what it can tell us about people and how they lived their lives.
Find out more about Professor Tim Thompson here

Both have hands on elements, a perfect way to get the year off with a very ‘silent witness’ vibe.
Please email [email protected] or call 01765 690799 to reserve a space 

Check back here at the blog regularly for more news and information, and don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram...

James Etherington
Museum Director 


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