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Education and Group Visits

Children in period costume enjoying a picnic
Key Stage 1

Be transported back 150 years to our Victorian home. Explore Polly's kitchen and laundry. Meet the school-mistress and learn about Victorian re-cycling in the home.

Workshop leader dressed as a prisoner talks to pupils
Key Stage 2

Experience the harsh regime of the Victorian Workhouse, choosing activities from: the laundry, Granny's cures, the garden, rag-rugging, role-play...

A mix of people in period costume waiting by the workhouse walls
Key Stage 3

Special sessions for groups interested in aspects of social history: A Changing Society 1750 -1900; Victorian Crime and Punishment; The New Poor Law 1834.

Adult Group Visits

Ripon Museums welcome many group visits throughout the year. We pride ourselves on tailoring visits to suit the...

Youth Group Visits

There is always plenty to see and do in our museums! For more information, download our Youth Group Visit Pack or...

Higher & Further Education Visits

Please contact Sue Mackay, our Learning & Access Officer, if you would like more information on Higher &...

Special Educational Groups

If you would like to bring an adult or youth group that may require special educational activities or delivery,...

We aim to develop knowledge and understanding through interaction, role play, participation, experience and investigation of Key Stage 1,2 and 3 National Curriculum and QCA programmes of study in history, literacy, personal, social, health, citizenship education, art, maths and geography.

We aim to develop positive attitudes and values through increased self-confidence and motivation as well as greater empathy and understanding towards other people and communities. Following a visit, pupils should realise how attitudes towards the poor changed during the Victorian era. Our programmes cover many of the requirements of personal, social, health and citizenship education.

We aim to develop thinking, communication and social skills through debates, decision-making and activities which focus on different interpretations of history to help children to make deductions based on historical primary sources. Children will have the opportunity to use their imagination and experience the lives of other people living in different places and times. We aim to stimulate curiosity and creativity and enable all children to experience success as learners during a memorable and enjoyable educational visit.

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Courtroom Drama!

21 April 2011

Put mum and dad in the Dock… What does it feel like to be a witness?... Explore our new Family Trail around Ripon’s Georgian Courthouse and decide who’s guilty and who’s not, which...

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“All three museums in Ripon have been excellent. A suitable level of involvement for young and old alike - fantastic interpretation and display of history. And helpful volunteers. National Trust could learn a thing or two!”

Faye, a ‘lecturer in history and heritage management’

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We can help you organise an event to remember - from ghoulish tours to delicious dinner parties and even weddings – Ripon museums offers the chance to hold something really unique!