Urchin, Sprog or Guttersnipe?

Mon 29 May - Fri 2 June 11am-4pm

Enjoy good old fashioned family fun in this atmospheric Workhouse whilst following the steps of Victorian artful dodgers…

Fussy eaters will be given the chance to taste gruel, the ‘food of the poor’, and a staple part of the Workhouse diet. Discover how many poor children were driven to picking pockets to make money to buy food to eat. Have a go at pinching silk handkerchiefs from a gentleman’s pocket like Ripon’s female Artful Dodgers and then be sentenced to hard labour when caught. Find out why silk hankies were a good object to steal and then decorate your own “silk” hanky. Find out about local children in the days gone by.

The Workhouse boys had to look after the pigs and scare the birds away from the Workhouse gardens. Make a noisy bird-scarer to keep the crows off your vegetable patches or window box! 

Punch & Judy are back by popular demand but with a new puppet.... who could it be? Follow our exciting new interactive digital Guttersnipes trail linking up stories of urchins in the Workhouse, Prison & Police Museum and Courthouse.

Half term activities are on Monday to Friday, over the May half term holiday, between 11am and 4pm (29 May – 2 June) at Ripon’s Workhouse Museum. Activities are free but museum entry prices apply.

Workhouse Museum

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