Victorian Mop Fair

Mon 12 Feb - Fri 16 Feb, 11am-4pm

Give your children a taste of the world of work Victorian style!

Come along to our Victorian mop fair! Find out how servants, labourers and craftspeople found work in days gone by and what amusements were in store at these popular events!

In the past Victorian domestic servants and agricultural workers would hire themselves out for a year at these early 'job' fairs. Make a “Mop” or badge of your trade (e.g. a shepherd would have a crook or piece of wool pinned to his clothes, a gardener a piece of cord or twine, a housemaid would have a mop and a milkmaid a milking stool or bucket) then have a go at gardening, milking, chores, baking bread and finding the “sheep” around the museum. If successful, we will “hire” your children by giving them a “penny” and a piece of bright ribbon – as a mark of the contract.

Half term weekdays, Mon 12  – Fri 16 February  11am-4pm
Activities are included with admission

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