Key Stage 1 & SEN


Visit the Workhouse for a living history experience: Choose from our three main programmes or combine them for a longer visit.

Rich & Poor Victorian Child (day):

Morning: Workhouse Child

Experience hard work and no play - the life of a Victorian workhouse boy or girl. Meet Matron who will explain the rules; hands out of pockets, don’t speak until spoken to and always be polite and obey your elders. Then to work and school with our carousel of hands-on activities:

  • Victorian Schoolroom: Take a lesson with our strict Schoolmaster or mistress. Learn to write on a slate.
  • Laundry: Hard work using dolly tubs, scrubbing on the washboard, using the mangle.
  • Chores: (Garden chores - weather permitting) beating carpets, sweeping, polishing.
  • Rag-rugging: Nothing gets thrown away. Make a patch of rag-rug to take home from recycled material.

Afternoon: Guardian’s Child

Relax and enjoy the life of a rich Victorian child, perhaps the child of one of the wealthy Workhouse Guardians. Guardians usually came from priviliged backgrounds.

  • Toys: Match up toys both outdoor and indoor, homemade and bought. Discover materials, textures and how they work.
  • Playground Games: Active and fun rhymes, songs and games from potato skittles to dusty bluebells!


Outreach: Understanding the World - Police

Call the Police!

Our new outreach visit extends understanding of the role of policemen and woman in an interactive and enjoyable way which links to the curriculum. We bring uniforms and artefacts from our Prison & Police Museum which together with our hands-on activities build a picture of what policemen and women wear and what they do in the community. The morning (or afternoon) includes:

‘ello, ’ello, ‘ello

To begin we bring three of our staff in police costume from our collections. One is dressed as a Peeler, a very early policeman, one is dressed as a modern policeman and one is dressed as a policewoman. We ask the class to spot dierences and then ask then which piece of equipment goes with which policeman. We find out what the police do and how to contact them.

Then a carousel of activities:

  • Mini crime scene: Who do we call? What would the Police do? Finger printing - how and why?
  • Mug shots: why the police take them. Mug shot game.
  • Investigation: missing objects.
  • Activity: Exercise training for the police.
  • Dressing up: from hats to high-vis jackets be an old or new officer of the law

To book, contact:

Carrie Philip
Learning Manager
Ripon Museums
The Workhouse, Allhallowgate
Ripon, HG4 1LE
T: 01765 690799
[email protected]


Fabulous trip! Highly highly recommend. Brackenfield will see you next year!

Brackenfield School 2015