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Workhouse Kitchen Garden

The Workhouse Kitchen Garden, located to the back of the original Workhouse site, is set in the 1890s and we grow the varieties of fruit and vegetables that were available at the time.

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All three museums open 10am - 4pm February half term - Sat 23rd February until Fri 1st March Full opening times →

Workhouse gardens are rare survivals. The Ripon Workhouse kitchen garden has been carefully restored, and is maintained by the Trust, in order to bring it back into use.

The garden is maintained by a team of volunteers who use Victorian horticultural practices but with a 21st Century attitude towards the environment and a sustainable future.

About an acre in size, it lies on a slope behind the Workhouse site, with both original and access paths for all visitors to be able to enjoy the variety of vegetables, fruit and herbs that are all sourced from Victorian or older varieties including ‘Fellside Hero’ potatoes and ‘Dog’s Snout’ apples!

Did you know?

We have unearthed fascinating items whilst renovating the garden, which were discarded or lost centuries ago.


“All three museums in Ripon have been excellent. A suitable level of involvement for young and old alike - fantastic interpretation and display of history. And helpful volunteers. National Trust could learn a thing or two!”

Faye, a ‘lecturer in history and heritage management’

From our visitor book Aug 2012