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Oct 22nd 2011 Broad Beans I row of “Aquadulce”
I row “Bunyards Exhibition”.
Jan.29th  In modules:- onions “Bedfordshire Champion”,
Leeks “Musselburgh”
In root-trainers:- sweet pea “Cupani”
March 3rd In cold frame soil:- leeks “Musselburgh “ and  “Lyons”
March 10th Broad bean “Crimson Flowered”
March 17th Early potatoes 1 row “Duke of York”
In modules :-  lettuce “Fat Lazy Blond”, “Little Gem”,                    “Prince of Wales”/”White Cos”, “Blonde de Paris”, “Neapolitan,/Webbs”, “All Year Round”.
Brassicas:- “Flow ers of Spring”, Savoy “Large Drumhead”, “Holland Late Winter”, Cauliflower “Autumn Giant”.
March 17th In modules :- Celery “ Golden Self Blanching”
Marh 18th In pan :- Rhubarb “Hawkes Champagne”
March 20th. Onions 2 rows “Red Brunswick” with radish “French Breakfast”.
Potatoes 1 row “Duke of York”
Planted out Sweet Peas “Cupani”
March 24th In modules cabbage “Red Drumhead “.
March 27th Potatoes 2 rows “Duke of York”
Broad beans:- 1 row “Windsor Longpod”
March 31st Potatoes 1 row “British Queen”
April 3rd Potatoes 2 rows “British Queen”
“Bedfordshire Champion” onion seedlings planted out.
April 7th Sweet Pea “Painted Lady” planted out.
April 11th Climbing French Beans “Blue Lake” sown in root-trainers
April 14th Sweet Pea “Captain of the Blues” sown in root - trainers
Cauliflower “Snowball” in modules.
April 18th Cauliflower “Autumn  Giant” in modules.
April 21st Onion “Ailsa Craig “ 2 rows with radish,
Parsnip “The Student” 1 row with radish.
April 24th Potato “Peach Bloom” 2 rows
April 26th Climbing French Beans “Veitch’s” in root- trainers.
OLD SEED” Ragged Jack” Kale, “Cottagers Kale” and “Portuguese Cabbage” in modules, not very optimistic about germination.
Ragged Jack and Potuguese Cabbage successful!
April 28th Parsnip “Half long Guernsey” 1row,Hollow Crown” 1row
May 1st Potato “Fellside Hero” 2rows
May 2nd Potatoes rowed up in anticipation of frost
May 5th Potato “Fellside Hero” 1row
1 dble row Broad Bean “Crimson Flowered”
Sweet Pea “Cupani” planted out.
May 8th  Potato “Fellside Hero” 1row.
Peas “Prince Albert” planted out
May 15th Pea “Duke of Albany” planted out
Sweet pea “Cupani” planted out
26th May Peas I row of “Purple Podded” seed
2nd June Cabbage I row “Flowers of Spring” plants
1 row “Large Red Drumhead” plants
Sweet Peas I row “Captain of the Blues” plants
9th June Onions 1row “Ailsa Craig”
Carrots, 1 row each “Chantenay Red Cored”, Mr. James Scarlet Intermediate” and “Blunt Rooted Guerande”.
Beetroot  1row “Bulls Blood”
Parsnip 1 row “The Student”
12th June Onion 4 rows “Red Brunswick”
Parsnip 1 row each of “Hollow Crown”, “Half Long Guernsey” and “Hollow Crown”
Turnip 1 row “Aberdeen Green Top Yellow”
Dwarf French Beans 1 double row each of “Horticultural” and “Early Warwick”

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