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Seed Sowing and Planting 2011/12

The sowing and planting this year has gone well so far.
The Broad beans planted last Autumn are looking very healthy and are now in flower.
Now that the soil temperature has reached 10C/50 F we can start sowing all our root crops and peas into their seed beds. Lots of salads some peas and brassicas and leeks are waiting to be released from the cold frames very soon when they are “hardened off”
The many potatoes are slowly being planted as soil conditions allow.
As we have a well drained sloping site we are filling the potato trenches with  lots of organic material, shredded paper, good home-made compost and grass cuttings before planting the potatoes. It is hoped that this will give us some insurance against drought conditions
Climbing, dwarf and runner beans are being started off site in my greenhouse ready to plant out as soon as the risk of frost is over .
Oct 22nd 2011 Broad Beans I row of “Aquadulce”
I row “Bunyards Exhibition”.


  • Jan.29th  In modules:- onions “Bedfordshire Champion”,
  • Leeks “Musselburgh”
  • In root-trainers:- sweet pea “Cupani”
  • March 3rd In cold frame soil:- leeks “Musselburgh “ and  “Lyons”
  • March 10th Broad bean “Crimson Flowered”
  • March 17th Early potatoes 1 row “Duke of York”
  • In modules :-  lettuce “Fat Lazy Blond”, “Little Gem”, “Prince of Wales”/”White Cos”, “Blonde de Paris”, “Neapolitan,/Webbs”, “All Year Round”.
  • Brassicas:- “Flow ers of Spring”, Savoy “Large Drumhead”, “Holland Late Winter”, Cauliflower “Autumn Giant”.
  • March 17th In modules :- Celery “ Golden Self Blanching”
  • Marh 18th In pan :- Rhubarb “Hawkes Champagne”
  • March 20th. Onions 2 rows “Red Brunswick” with radish “French Breakfast”.
  • Potatoes 1 row “Duke of York”
  • Planted out Sweet Peas “Cupani”
  • March 24th In modules cabbage “Red Drumhead “.
  • March 27th Potatoes 2 rows “Duke of York”
  • Broad beans:- 1 row “Windsor Longpod”
  • March 31st Potatoes 1 row “British Queen”
  • April 3rd Potatoes 2 rows “British Queen”
  • “Bedfordshire Champion” onion seedlings planted out.
  • April 7th Sweet Pea “Painted Lady” planted out.
  • April 14th Sweet Pea “Captain of the Blues” sown in root trainers
  • Cauliflower “Snowball” in modules.

Nick Thompson
Head Gardener

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