Community performers stood in front of Main Block.

Ripon Theatre Festival: Drama at the Workhouse

10th Jun 2023

Following on the success of last year’s Jubilee at the Workhouse, the museum will once again come alive with Victorian characters based on real lives.

Explore the Workhouse corridors, immerse yourself in its history and hear tales from within the cloistered walls.

See the staff who were charged with maintaining the strict rules and judge whether they were successful. Smell scents of summer blossom in the well-tended gardens or carbolic soap and cooked cabbage in the kitchen and maybe hold your nose as the midden is mucked out. Learn the stories of those you meet or chance upon, from the Marquess of Ripon himself to the lowliest down and out. But above all don’t get on the wrong side of the Matron!

We will be playing drama games, exploring basic techniques, movement and characterisation, participants will be able to explore creating a character or an improvised scene from the real records of former inmates of Ripon Union Workhouse.

Find out if you’d like to play a part in next year’s festival as a community performer, maybe you’ll be inspired to join the lovely group of volunteers or just come along and experience a day in the life of a Victorian Workhouse.

The FREE workshop will take place at 10.30am.

No experience is needed, just a desire to join in.

To take part in the workshop please email [email protected].

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