Laundry maids and boot black boys flyer

Spring half term family fun at the Workhouse - laundry maids and boot black boys

25th Feb 2019

It's spring cleaning time at the Workhouse! Bring your little helpers to the Workhouse for a taste of Victorian work!  Workhouse children were well-scrubbed – have a go at making your own soap then try out our carbolic soap in the Laundry.  Some workhouse boys were trained to be boot black boys so that they could earn a living when they left – make some boot polish to a Victorian recipe and you will always have shiny shoes. Then, as a treat (and Workhouse children did get the occasional treat), go through to our kitchen and bake some Laundry day biscuits to Victorian recipe.  Follow our Soap Suds Trail around the Museum and out to the garden.

Family activities included in normal admission prices.

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