Photo of an actor playing John Sinkler a poacher, wearing Victorian clothes standing trial in a courtroom.

Trial of John Sinkler at the Ripon Courthouse

6th Jul 2024

Book tickets for the live Trial of John Sinkler this July.

Step inside the historic Ripon Courthouse and experience justice 1871 style.  On the 6th July the Workhouse Theatre group, led by Mark Cronfield of Fell-Foss theatre company , invites you to watch and partake in the live trial of John Sinkler. See this local poacher and rogue brought to justice close to the very city he used to live.

Embrace the opportunity to take an active part in proceedings perhaps donning a gown or standing up as a witness. Learn about the amazing story of the Sinkler brothers and enjoy seeing history brought to life with this scripted re-enactment.

Trial of John Sinkler event details

Time – 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Location – Courthouse Museum, Ripon, HG4 1QS

Cost – Tickets cost £4

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Find out more about John Sinkler’s adventures. 

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