October Half Term Family Pumpkin Trail and Recipe Hunt

26 October 2020 - 30 October 2020

Join in this October half term with a fun pumpkin trail at our museums!
(26th-3th October)


Look out for familiar characters such as ‘Matron Pumpkin’ at the Workhouse, PC Pumpkin at the Prison and Judge Pumpkin at the Courthouse.  
The Halloween Pumpkin Trail is free on admission at the museums.  
At the Workhouse, visitors can also hunt for Victorian Hallowe'en recipes concealed about the Workhouse to try out some traditional treats at home.  
Fun fact: A popular tradition during Victorian times was the Halloween pudding. In this game, the host would bake a fruit cake with five objects hidden inside – a ring, a coin, a thimble, a button and a key. The cake would be cut at night and the objects in your piece were said to tell your future. The person getting the piece with the ring would get married that year, the coin would be wealthy, the button meet their love, the key go on a journey, and the thimble be an old maid/bachelor.

North Yorkshire