Summer Holiday Fun at Ripon Museums

23 July 2018 - 31 August 2018

Mon 23 July - Fri 31 Aug - Special Activities Weekdays only 11am-4pm

Visitors in the dock at the Courthouse Museum

There's something for all the family to enjoy with our summer holiday season packed full of fun and games, with a historic twist of course! Just look at the fun we're going to have - and are all included with the cost of admission. 

Week 1  (23rd - Friday 27th July) - Dig it! 

Dowsing/dig box/make a clay and metal artefact

Week 2 (30th July - 3rd August) - Yorkshire Make and Bake!

Felting/Bake Wilfra Cakes/Punch & Judy

Week 3 ( 6th -10th August) Oliver Twist Week!

More Gruel?/Pick-pocketing/Make 'silk'handkerchiefs/Trail/Matron 

Week 4 (13th-17th August) Police & Poachers

Make gunpowder pouch/Puppet Gun Dog/Judge for yourself Trial

Week 5 ( 20th - 24th August) Street Child!

Street Games/Bread Token Badge/Breadmaking/Homeless Trail

Week 6 ( 27th - 31st August) Workhouse Boys and Girls

Baking/Planting/Rag-rugging/Laundry & Chores

Workhouse Museum