Whodunnit at the Workhouse

26 October 2021 - 29 October 2021

12pm - 3pm

Whodunnit at the Workhouse

Are you a budding Victorian sleuth? Could you have made it as an undercover inquiry agent?

This October half-term, the Workhouse Whodunnit will take visitors on an interactive trail across the sites of our three museums. You will be immersed in Victorian culture and learn about how policing worked in that era.

Activities are included in the cost of museum entry.

Workhouse Museum

A murder has been committed! At the Workhouse Museum, use your powers of observation to find hidden weapons and your ingenuity to interview suspects, who may not always be telling the truth.

Visitors can also learn about plants and poisons in the Workhouse Museum Garden at a special mini-exhibition.

Prison & Police Museum

Test your theories about the murderer as you learn about police techniques in Victorian England at the Prison & Police Museum. Try on costumes and pretend to be an undercover inquiry agent on the hunt for a big reward. Explore the museum’s first floor and learn about early forensic science, including the Marsh Test for Arsenic. Visitors will also see how phrenology became a major sensation.

Courthouse Museum

Sum up your evidence in front of a judge. Tell them about your theories: who did it, what weapon they used and why. Put your answers in the pot for a chance to win a small prize.


We’ll reveal the solution to our Victorian whodunnit at the end of the half-term holiday. Find out whether you could have made it as a Victorian detective when the answer is revealed!

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