Summer Trail 2024

Send your children to the workhouse this summer!

Ripon Museums summer trail motif with herbs and flowers to show the herb theme

This summer holiday from the 20th July to 2nd September, we have more activities than ever before for the whole family to explore and enjoy.

Take part in our fantastic herb summer trail and use your senses to experience how the Victorians’ really lived.

Children running in the Ripon Museums Victorian gardens this summer

From dressing up, crafting, baking and touring the trio of museums the NEW! summer trail has hands activities so visitors enjoy a truly immersive and memorable day out. 


Find out more about our Summer Trail

The Summer Trail opens on the 20th July and runs across the whole summer holiday until 2nd September. Visitors will be given a booklet with their entry ticket or at ticket office and this contains details and a map of all the activities. 

They can complete the 6 challenges at their own pace around the three museums and then when they have finished they are invited to return to the Workhouse Museum ticket office to receive their reward.

There is no time limit so little visitors can complete the activities at their own pace. 

Yes the Summer Trail is included in the admission for valid ticket holders. 

There are 6 activities across the three museums. 

The activities include:

  • Making lavender bags
  • Solving the murder identifying poisonous plants
  • Exploring how herbs can be used as medicine
  • Making mint tea bags for relaxation
  • Identifying and drawing different herbs
  • Matching herbs by using your senses

There are three Ripon Museums to explore – The Workhouse, Courthouse and Prison & Police Museum.

They are all in Ripon City centre within easy walking distance from each other.

The Workhouse is usually the museum most visitors start at. It is open at 10am and closes at 4pm. The Prison & Police is a 5 minute walk away and this opens at 10am and closes at 4pm. The Courthouse is 5 minutes walk across the beautiful Minster Gardens. It opens at 1pm and closes at 4pm. 

The activities are designed for children of all ages but if you require additional support please let our team know at reception and we will do our best to help. 

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