Education and Group Visits

Key Stage 1

Visit the Workhouse for a living history experience: Choose from our three main programmes or combine them for a longer visit.


Curriculum Links: Changes within living memory. Local history study.

Great Grandma's Life:

Be transported back in time to see what life at home was like within living memory.


•Granny's Kitchen - Investigate Granny’s kitchen to find out how kitchens worked without electricity and hot running water, find our what foods Granny ate during war time rationing and see what she grew in her garden and sample some food from the time.

•The Laundry - See how much hard work was involved in keeping clean: have a go at possing, using the dolly, mangling. Then iron the clothes and beat out the carpets.

•Rag-rugging - Nothing gets thrown away! Make a recycled patch of rag rug to take home.


Toys & Games Through Time:

Discover toys and play time games from the recent past to see how they have changed within living memory.


• Toys - Match up toys both outdoor and indoor, homemade and bought. Discover materials, textures and how they work.

• Playground Games - Active and fun rhymes, songs and games from potato skittles to dusty bluebells!


A Ripon Workhouse Child: 

Take part in a local study and visit Ripon Workhouse as it was for children in Victorian times.


•Workhouse school room - Meet our strict school master or school mistress who will teach a memorable lesson and how to use a slate.

•Workhouse Garden - Take on the jobs of workhouse boys sweeping, bird scaring and seed sorting.

•Rag Rugging - Nothing gets thrown away! Make a recycled patch of rag rug to take home.

Please download our Education Programme from this page for further details and contact our Learning & Access Officer to discuss your needs and book on 01765 690799 or email [email protected]


Borrow our Loan Boxes :

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  • Homes Rich and Poor
  • Toys Through Time
  • Great Grandma's Suitcase- An Evacuee's Suitcase
  • Mary & Wilfred- Workhouse Children
  • Law & Order Past & Present

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Over 100 local volunteers work to open and manage our museums; only 3 members of staff are paid.

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