Key Stage 1 & SEN

Schoolchildren in the Victorian kitchen

Activities for KS1 (Ages 5 – 7)

We offer a high-quality learning experience, which allows KS1 learners to recognise how people lived in the past and engage with significant places in the local area.

A visit to Ripon Museums is a great opportunity for enrichment of the KS1 curriculum. We have three museums on site: the Workhouse Museum, Prison & Police Museum and the Courthouse Museum. All in use during the Victorian era, the museums can support and enhance a topic study of significant individuals such as Queen Victoria or Charles Dickens.

The museums are ideal for exploring significant places in the local area if your school is within Yorkshire. Each museum can tell us about people’s lives in Ripon in the 1800s. What did people eat? How did they keep clean? What did they believe? How did children experience the workhouse? What would happen if you broke the law?

We can offer a range of activities including museum tours, roleplays and object handling. Experience a Victorian classroom in the Workhouse schoolroom and learn to do laundry by hand. Learn about what people ate by planting seeds in the garden and baking in the workhouse kitchen. Our offer is interactive and varied, and we can tailor a programme of appropriate activities to suit your school.

A visit to Ripon Museums can also be an excellent chance to add atmosphere and context to poems, fiction and creative writing and artwork. If you would like to visit the museums within this capacity, we have spaces suitable for quiet and group work as well as the more interactive activities.


“We had a brilliant time and the children loved it!”

St Wilfrid’s Primary

Children in costume in the Victorian schoolroom
A little girl writing on a chalk board

“The whole day from start to finish was a really wonderful experience.” Rosewood Academy 


An outline of our KS1 activities is available below: 

  • A stern introduction from Matron 
  • Boys – A visit to the schoolroom, followed by planting seeds and bird scaring in the Workhouse Garden 
  • Girls – Rag-rugging followed by a visit to the schoolroom 
  • Lunch – indoor space provided 
  • Work carousel – experience chores, baking and laundry in the workhouse 
  • A stern introduction from Matron 
  • Boys – A visit to the schoolroom, followed by planting seeds and bird scaring in the Workhouse Garden 
  • Girls – Rag-rugging followed by a visit to the schoolroom 
  • Lunch – indoor space provided 
  •  Play carousel – toys, games, Punch & Judy 

Call the Police! (at the Prison & Police Museum) 

  • Police uniform costumes and objects 
  •  Fingerprinting 
  • Lunch – indoor space provided at the Workhouse Museum 

Teacher (at the Workhouse Museum) 

  • Victorian schoolroom 

Call the Nurse! (at the Workhouse Museum) 

  • Bathing a baby and putting to bed 
  •  Bandage with our nurse 
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