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Any employment or contracting opportunities with Ripon Museum Trust will appear here. We have one opportunity, a digital consultancy 


The opportunity

In 2018 RMT became a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) funded by Arts Council England, to help them deliver their goal of ‘great art and culture for everyone’. As part of this funding, the RMT has funds to undertake a full review of our use of digital technologies and methodologies and develop a strategy that will allow us to maximise these opportunities and make the best use of the funding we receive as part of our NPO grant for digital purposes over the next three to four years.

For digital, we are including (but not limiting ourselves to):

Content that uses digital technology to reach new and more diverse audiences. This could include videos, games, podcasts etc. Also methodology for reaching these audiences including social media
Interpretation techniques for use on our three sites with a digital element (this could be anything from touchscreen display kiosks to 3d fully immersive experiences)
Marketing communications using digital channels to reach diverse audiences
Technologies and software used on site such as CRM and EPOS systems, Collections Management Software and other software in use in our offices
Digital surveys
Analysis of digital impact – benchmarking, analytics etc.

RMT has a maximum of £18,000 per annum starting from 1st April 2019 dedicated solely to implementing our digital strategy and action plan.

The Trust has an existing Digital Policy which goes some way to outlining the general direction we would like to move in, but it lacks the depth of knowledge and experience required to make it a truly guiding document that will deliver a path to the future.



To create a digital strategy for RMT that will allow us to harness digital technology and methodologies to meet our strategic goals of maximising our effectiveness in reaching diverse audiences, delivering digital content that will engage these audiences, driving additional visitors to the museum sites, enhancing our on-site offer and improving operational productivity over the next three to four years



A three to four year digital strategy that lays out the approach the Trust will take to utilising digital technology to meet our strategic goals over the period
A costed action plan that sets out actions to be taken each year along with what resources and finances will be required and likely impact. This will help us reach our stated goal of delivering 100 pieces of Digital content per annum by the end of 2022.


Budget and timescale

RMT has a starting budget available of £8,000 for this consultation. Some additional funds may be made available if required to secure the services of the right consultant

Payment will be available in three tranches. 1st tranche will be paid upon signing of a contract, 2nd tranche upon delivery of draft documents for consideration by the Trustee board and final trance will be paid upon final sign off of the strategy and action plan by the Trustee Board.

There is some flexibility within the timescale, but we would expect that the first draft of the strategy and action plan would be in place by 3rd January, with the final strategy and action plan would be approved and sign off by the Trustees by 11th April 2019 at the absolute latest.


How to apply

To apply, please submit to [email protected]  the following documentation:

A CV or resume of your previous experience, qualifications, skills etc.
An indicative project plan, showing how you would meet the objective and outputs of the project. This should be no more than 4 sides of A4.
A simple budget showing how you will be using the budget and how you will fit the timescale for delivering the project
You may also include photographs or testimonials from previous projects if you feel they will be relevant to your application but this is not a requirement

If you are shortlisted, you will be asked to attend an interview where you can expand upon your proposal and give a presentation to the project board.

Closing Date: Friday 28th September

Selection Panel Date: Monday 1st October

Interview Date: 11th or 12th October


For more information, please see the full brief below as well as the supporting documentation

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