Access Information

Dementia friendly

General access information for each of the three museums is below but if you have any particular access needs or queries please phone us on 01765 690799. We will be happy to provide more specific details on request.
With the exception of assistance dogs, dogs are not allowed in any of our three museums, nor in the grounds. 
We accept Max cards and have concessions for Carers.



Workhouse Museum Access Information:


  • The Workhouse Museum is all on one level with one room on the first floor.
  • Doorways and corridors are wide enough to allow wheelchair and mobility scooter access.
  • Access lift available (dimensions: 100cm x 148cm)
  • Uneven floors especially for the sight-impaired. A mixture of surfaces.
  • The stone stairs to the first floor are very worn. Handrail provided.
  • Access toilet available on the ground floor.
  • The Workhouse Garden is fully accessible for wheelchair users


Prison & Police Museum Access Information:


  • The Prison & Police Museum is on two floors.
  • An access lift is available (dimensions: 100cm x 148cm).
  • The cells on the first floor have narrow doorways and a slight step but will allow most wheelchairs through (unless self-powered).
  • Uneven floors especially for the sight-impaired.
  • Very worn stone stairs to the first floor. Handrails provided.
  • There is an access toilet available for visitors’ use on the ground floor.


Courthouse Museum Access Information:


  • The Courthouse Museum consists of three rooms plus entrance hall.
  • The Courthouse has three steps at the entrance (with handrails).
  • The floors of the Courtroom are on several levels.
  • Doorway from Jury Room into Magistrates Retiring Room is too narrow for wheelchair access.
  • There are no toilets available for visitors’ use. Public Toilets are located nearby, to the left of the Courthouse.

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