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Education and Group Visits

Secondary School visits

Our Secondary School sessions cover history and citizenship topics, allowing pupils to learn via roleplay, discussion and investigation.

At the Workhouse KS3/4 students roleplay both the inmates and Guardians in ' Who deserves what? You decide' and make a judgement for themselves as to whether the workhouse system was fair or not. A level students can investigate the effects of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act through primary source material and secondary information.

At the Courthouse groups can re-enact both historic and modern court cases and are led in discussions to consider the process of court proceedings and the fate of the accused. Modern cases demonstrate to young people the process of modern Youth Court cases and the consequences of crime for the individual.

At the Prison & Police Museum KS3/4 students learn about punishment in Victorian times and compare aspects of contemporary and historic policing on guided tours of our ancient prison building.

For further details, please download our visit pack from this page. Our education team are happy to discuss your particular requirements and organise a special day to meet your needs. Please speak to our Learning and Access Officer, Sue, or Bookings Assistant  Wendy on 01765 690799 or email: admin@riponmuseums.co.uk.

Did you know?

We grow vegetables and fruit varieties which could have been found here in 1890.