19 February 2018

Meet the Trustee!

Find out more about trustee Martin Webber in this week's blog...we currently have a vacancy for a new trustee which closes on 23 Feb 2018, more details available in the 'About Us' section Martin Webber, a professor at York University, has been on the Board of Trustees since 2014. "I had never previously considered becoming a trustee of a museum, but…

06 December 2017

Christmas in the Workhouse

What exactly was Christmas like for inmates in a Victorian Workhouse?  Curator Martin Wills has discovered that actually this may have been an unusually special day for inmates at Ripon Workhouse... "You may be surprised to read that inmates here at Ripon were given any kind of festive cheer during their stay, but year upon year the guardians of…

07 November 2017

Lindisfarne Finds at Ripon Museums

The Anglo-Saxon monastery on Lindisfarne is one of the most iconic sites in early medieval history - yet archaeologists are still in the dark about its precise location. Archaeologist Dr David Petts shares a few of his favourite finds from recent excavations in search of this important site. Anglo Saxon Stone Grave Marker This is a fragment of an…

09 October 2017

The Secret Staircase - with curator Martin Wills

This week Martin Wills, our Workhouse Museum Curator, shares some grim tales he has discovered during the transformation of the Workhouse Main Block.  "The Workhouse main block, which opened in July, is where the majority of the Workhouse inmates would have lived, for weeks, years or even decades... This is a site which has many…

18 September 2017

Dick Turpin: Fact or Fiction

Highwayman Dick Turpin is an intriguing figure, however how much of his story is based on fact? Professor James Sharpe, author of Dick Turpin: The Myth of the English Highwayman reveals the history behind some of the popular common myths built up around this dashing highwayman... Myth 1 - Dick Turpin was not a romantic 'Robin Hood' type…

21 August 2017

Meet the Archivist!

This week’s blog is with Anthony Hughes, expert archivist at North Yorkshire County Record Office. Anthony will reveal how to use local records and take an intriguing glance into Ripon's past when he visits Ripon Museums on Sat 26 August. What did you want to be as a child? AH: I loved drawing maps when I was…

01 August 2017

Behind the Scenes – with artist Pippa Hale

Find out what inspired artist Pippa Hale to create her thought provoking new commission which explores a Workhouse Lunch. Consumption is currently being screened in the inmates Dining Hall at the Workhouse Museum, Ripon in the Main Block which is now open for visitors. 50 volunteers helped to create Consumption, a filmed artwork, which is funded by Arts Council England. …

03 July 2017

Meet Martin Wills, the curator in charge of the Workhouse Museum’s exciting expansion.

Martin Wills is the curator in charge of the Workhouse Museum's exciting expansion plans. This new part of the original site, which housed the dining room and dormitories, will open up to visitors this summer. We asked Martin to explain what his plans are and what visitors will be able to see when the main building first…

15 June 2017

New Historic Police Project Underway

Exciting news! We have teamed up with the Bradford Police Museum and started a new project to develop our historic police collections. This Q&A with Project Curator, Esther Graham (EG), explains more about our plans… Q: What is the project about? EG: This project is designed to develop the historic police material held at both museums. We…

23 May 2017

Cooking up a Pauper’s Lunch

This week's Q&A is with Professional Chef Gaynor Eden who will be cooking up food history as she prepares to create an accurate representation of a Victorian pauper's meal in 1861 as part of a new artwork, Consumption by Pippa Hale. Using traditional ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques and working with a small team of…

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