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Composting Workshop with the North Yorkshire Rotters and Sustainable Garden Tour of the Museum Gardens

19th Jun 2023

Do you want to become more environmentally friendly? Ever thought about composting your food and garden waste?

Join us at the Workhouse Museum & Garden on Monday 19 June and learn how to compost at home with the North Yorkshire Rotters.

The session will include a talk, practical activities and a walk around the museum garden.

You will:

  • Find out the benefits to the environment of composting
  • Discover how and what to compost
  • Compare different types of compost bins, including wormeries and bokashi buckets and discover their pros and cons
  • Learn how to troubleshoot common compost problems
  • Explore Ripon Museums’ gardens, see their composting bins and discover environmentally friendly gardening tips

The North Yorkshire Rotters are a group of volunteers who inspire people to change their waste habits. The group promote home composting, reduce, reuse and recycling and the ‘love food hate waste’ campaign at events, talks and school workshops across North Yorkshire. These campaigns are promoted to highlight the practical ways that residents can reduce waste, save money and help the environment.

Location: Workhouse Museum & Garden

Time: 11am-1pm

Cost : £5

Max 10 people

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